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It was time to start framing the main body.  I have had the idea in my head what I want it to look like from the beginning, now it is starting to take shape.  I do need to pick up some plywood now, I have some scrap I will use for the inner walls, but I want all new for the roof, sides, doors, etc…



webjtrailer  webjtrailer2


webtrailer101  webtrailer102


It’s still tough to explain what my “vision” is, but the front area will be a large 24” wide compartment, then three compartments in the rear.  The side compartments will open to the driver and passenger side with a shelf and the center will open to the rear.


webtrailer103  webtrailer104


webtrailer105  webtrailer106




One of the reasons the base was built so strong, I really think this might go on the Alaska trip some day.  All the main parts are lagged and bolted together, the thing is very solid.


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