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The Glorified Chuck Wagon project page 4!


I’ve been pretty busy for the past few weeks, but I need to get this thing done.  I want to be able to test drive and get the kinks worked out before I take it in Sept.


Today I started by getting the shelves in.








Then I started buttoning up the inner walls.  I’m trying to get the most out of the plywood, so scrap pieces are being used as much as possible.  I also put on the front piece and rear backing.



  The above cabinet will be for the electrical area.




The front cabinet is the back side of the electrical panel area.  This can hold larger storage as needed.  (below)












The cabinets are the same size on both sides.  I can get the crates for storage on the bottom level, so I did fit the build for them.  Also made sure the stove fit, someone one was throwing that one away.  Has all the part, just needs to be cleaned up.






I’m going to place scrap wood down the backside between the rear storage and the side compartments, so that will be last.  I do want some air flow between them, so it will be just a minimum barrier to keep stuff from rolling all over.





I think it is starting to look pretty good


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