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The Glorified Chuck Wagon project page 6!


Road trials have begun!!!  In all honesty the unit is not stocked, but is battle ready.  I have a few things left to add, but it could go out tomorrow if needed.




I need to paint the doors and touch up the frame here and there.








I’m using the Husky in place of a battery right now to work the lights.  I was originally going to mount the battery there, however I’m going to move it to the other side in the deep cabinet.  This will allow me more room in here for other things as needed.




The chuck wagon side.  The one flaw I did find was I should have used thicker plywood for the shelf/door.  I will have to replace that when time and money allow.  For now I will just add a brace from the fender to “lift” up the middle of the door/shelf when in use.





The back storage area.




The storage side area.





I put these lights throughout the inside. They are LED, pull almost no power and light it up nicely.




I had pulled it the other day on the open road, rides nice.  Took it at highway speeds and on some rough roads.  Today was just a ride around the park.










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